Vienna, Paris, Munich & Berlin.

I love these four books from Thames & Hudson, grab them while you can. I think the Berlin one is now virtually out of print.

Vienna 1900 And The Heroes Of Modernism by Christian Brandstätter.
Paris Between The Wars by Vincent Bouvet & Gérard Durozoi.
Munich: It's Golden Age Of Art And Culture 1890 - 1920 by Rainer Metzger.
Berlin In The Twenties by Rainer Metzger. 


A Humument.

The genius that is Tom Phillips and his treated Victorian novel A Humument. 9780500285510.


Adham Faramawy - Legend II.

So I went along to my good friend Adham Faramawy's exhibition tonight entitled Legend II. And what a great private view it was. I love his work. It is all classicist tales it seems but reinterpreted for a modern age. All shiny and black reflecting surfaces. It is on at the Aubin Gallery, 64-66 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP until the 20th February 2011. Go see.

I was Hitler's prisoner.

Here is a book I found in my collection that is an old Penguin. I got it in Whitby one time for £5. It was originally released in 1935 but this edition is 1939. Stefan Lorant with I was Hitler's prisoner.


I am a camera.

I am a camera from 1955. I love this film, the later Cabaret and the original Christopher Isherwood stories. I always said I would like to move to Berlin if London didn't work out. I love the idea of the decadence and the desolation.

Sally Bowles - "I have serious thoughts about becoming a femme fatale."

Berény Róbert.

So I just got back from my holiday in the HU. It was wonderful. I found lots of Hungarian artists at the Hungarian National Gallery that I had never heard of before. I actually took down 28 names to research! Here is one of my favourites from the trip; Berény Róbert (1887-1953). He went to Paris and even to Berlin between 1919-1926. He is most famous for his portrait of Béla Bartók but I want to find out more about him and 'The Eight', the first avant-garde artistic group in Hungary. They are not on English Wiki so I'll have to search them up elsewhere.


The Island of Dr Moreau.

Currently reading - H.G. Wells - The Island of Dr Moreau. I wish it was in the old penguin cover.

József Rippl-Rónai.

I'll be heading to Budapest again on the 5th January. I want to go see the Buda Castle Labyrinth and the Hungarian National Gallery this time. I just hope I get to see the work of József Rippl-Rónai (1861-1927).


Danielle Dax - Pariah.

Of course I should follow that with a bit of Danielle Dax - Pariah. I once tried to enquire in to her doing a gig. We didn't manage to get in touch as I have heard she is quite the recluse though we did have an insider who had her number. Such a shame. It would have been a room full of 19 year olds who would have come to see her, I think Danielle might have been pleasantly surprised.

Holly Warburton.

I have always loved these Danielle Dax covers by that artist Holly Warburton. If all goes to plan I shall be hopefully getting a full dark room set-up for free. Then I'll have a go at doing something like this. Might take me a while to get to this standard though. I haven't even developed my first film on my new Zenit 11 (amazing Christmas present from Viola). Well, I wouldn't be a dilettante if I didn't try everything.


What good's a hit song?

Can't get enough of Tone Set - What good's a hit song? at the moment. It's on repeat on the record player. Here we go again.

Death poems.

So I think I might have to partake in the purchase of this book about Japanese death poems. There is something fascinating about the thought of writing a haiku on your death bed. It's like being on stage and they expect you to do something magical, you can't just write a dirty limerick or rhyme death with meph(adrone). Unless that is how you go of course.

The ISBN of course, I'm no savage - 9780804831796.

A new fanzine?

My first post on here and the second day of the new year. I ought to start as I mean to go on. I want to make a fanzine again. This was the back page image for the last one I did over two years ago now? It was for Bad Taste, an old club I helped a little in running in Leeds. The collage is by the wonderful Friedrich Strasse of Cleckheaton infamy and was from our Bad Taste 2099 - Apocalipstick Disco theme party. I pasted on The End Is Nigh... done on my Olivetti Lettera 32 on the back. Yes, très drôle. Last page, get it? Never mind.